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What does FOF mean?

FOF is an acronym and hashtag used on the internet for fuck off or flip off Friday. It is often associated with the American television show The Walking Dead due to the hand gestures certain characters use … often.

In textspeak, it stands for frown on face.

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Examples of FOF

Xmas songs on the tv in November. Fof ucfk
@markwil147, November, 2016
My FOF goes to people who retweet 'life goals' and 'fitness motivation.' Have a day off and get a can down you #FOF
@liammead1, March, 2015
So many people told their bosses to "Fuck off!" today! It's Fuck Off Friday! #FOF *no minions were harmed in the tweeting of this tweet
@mpbradfo, December, 2010

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