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What does GOMD mean?

GOMD is an acronym for get off my dick, meaning “get off my back,” or “get lost.” GOMD is also the name of a popular 2014 song by rapper J.Cole that may have helped popularize the acronym.

Examples of GOMD

I have so many ppl on my proverbial dick please #gomd
@ashbestos, April, 2018
J. Cole's "G.O.M.D." video isn't your typical rap video. In the period piece, which dropped on Monday, the Fayetteville, North Carolina hip-hop star plays a house slave who sparks a revolution on a white-owned plantation.
Rob Markman,, March, 2015
I find it sad those who have nothing better to do with their life always want to critique mine or flat out lie about crap......PSA #GOMD
@faygocityjones, April, 2018

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