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or gnt

What does G&T mean?

G&T is a shortening of gin and tonic, a cocktail made out of gin and tonic water.

Related words:

  • looch
  • gin and juice
  • gonic

Examples of G&T

This gin tasting chart is here to help you make the perfect G&T
@CosmopolitanUK, January, 2017
So far this year, I've got five short films and two features to film. 2017 is shaping up pretty well. Might pour myself a G&T 🥂
@juliemartis, January, 2017
First G&T of the season. My ancestors call to me, voices coded into the aromatics of the gin. "Go," they whisper. "Colonize something."
@ghweldon, May, 2018

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