What does HMD mean?

 HMD is a slang acronym standing for hold my dick.

It is also used to mean Happy Mother's Day.

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Examples of HMD


Examples of HMD
I would like Marshawn to do the hmd pose again just to say screw you to the NFL
@embe_rose, December, 2014
happy mothers day to all those beautiful mamas but also the dads who take over being both ! special hmd to my baby moms as well.
@prncxssnia, May, 2018
Behind a champion, is the real MVP — a mother. ___ This Mother’s Day, our players celebrate the strong women who sacrificed in making them champions. #happymothersday #HMD #PlayersVoice
@The NBPA, May, 2018

Who uses HMD?

Seattle Sportsnet

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