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What does HYU mean?

HYU is slang acronym meaning hit you up. It is used in both texting and on social media. It’s the counterpart to HMU (hit me up).

Examples of HYU

Just because I hyu don’t mean I miss you
@cilbcil, November, 2017
If I hyu in any way wishing you a merry Christmas & I get no response by the time this day is over please feel free to never hmu ever again
@Baddiee_Me, December, 2016
if I have to be the one to hyu first 24/7 for us to talk or hang out then I guess we not doing either cause I’m done with that. y’all be taking people for granted and only coming to them when you need something.
@a1iyahh, April, 2018

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