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or JOI [jey-oh-ahy]

What does joi mean?

An acronym for “jerk-off instructions,” joi is a category of pornographic audio or video content featuring a woman giving explicit instructions to a male viewer or listener on how to masturbate.

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Where does joi come from?

Like many porn terms, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of joi. However, terms like it (jack-off instructions) have existed since at least 2000.The particular phrase jerk-off instructions has been around since at least 2008.

Outside of online sex-message boards, mainstream interest in joi began by at least 2009, when search queries for the term began to pick up. In fact, porn site xHamster’s most popular joi video, which has over 3-million views, has been up since early 2011. As popularity began to grow, it became clear that there was a demand for the genre, and the subreddit/r/joi was founded in 2012. By 2018, the sub had over 54,000 subscribers.

By 2013, jerk off instructions as a search query became more popular than it had ever been before, possibly due to the existence of /r/joi or due to its specific inclusion on porn sites. Some people have speculated that the recent increase in joi porn may be due to how inexpensive it is to produce.

Examples of joi

Keep2share a website where a lot of websites upload joi and other porn stuff to.
JenSelterThrowaway, January 2018
Many of you have sent me messages suggesting some “Jerk off instructions” videos, so finally … Here you have!
Amarna Miller, April 2015
JOI is by far My biggest request and many times coupled with CEI. I definitely agree, it's all about connection.
GoddessG, March 2015

Who uses joi?

The terms joi and jerk off instructions are used both by consumers and producers (sex workers) of joi content. As a result, content under those names has a fairly strong presence on major porn websites, such as xHamster and Pornhub.

Most of the sex workers who produce this type of porn are women who take on a dominant role in the joi scenario. This is appealing to men who are interested in sexual submissiveness. Joi content exists for women too, but it is less common.

Consumers of this porn typically use the terms to search for videos or to talk to fellow enthusiasts. They might even talk directly to content producers to ask them to make more joi content.

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