What does JW mean?

JW is a textspeak acronym standing for just wondering.

In some cases, it is also used for Jehovah's Witness. You wouldn't want to give people the wrong idea ...

Related words:

  • jay dub
  • jwing
Examples of JW


Examples of JW

Am I the only one that puts on low power mode as soon as my phone hits 99% jw

@imGGhi, May, 2018
Why do JW's call their meeting place a Kingdom Hall? Because the word "church" means the people not a place. ....
@about_Jehovah, January, 2016
I don't understand why I still see #gamergate people being harassed when I'm not seeing much the other way. I'm not taking sides but jw
@CountryandCreed, January, 2016
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