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What does KOTD mean?

KOTD is an acronym that stands for kicks of the day. In this context, kicks refers to shoes.

KOTD can be used as a hashtag on social media and usually follows pictures of shoes the poster owns or is trying to sell.

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Examples of KOTD

What people rocking today lets see some kotd
@cheque_tellez, April, 2018
My Pride 3.0 beaters given a bit more life with @BoostedStripes 👌 #kotd #YourSneakersAreDope #boostfam
@BoostLAD, April, 2018
Just in time for beach time. Find the new Adidas Adilette slides for women available on 🌴 #kotd #dopekicks #adilette #adidas
Sheikh, Instagram, April, 2018

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