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What does LBNL mean?

 LBNL is a textspeak acronym standing for the phrase last but not least.

Examples of LBNL

I want to thank Vinnie, Mark, Jeff and the rest of the staff @StressFactoryCC for such a great weekend. Tapings went great. And LBNL Bonnie.
@RichVos, March, 2015
Back to Berlin after two outstanding days in Prague. Thanks a lot @_JakubJanda , the #GerEmbCzech & lbnl the amazing @EvropskeHodnoty team!
@JulianRoepcke, October, 2017
more home decoration by women more ironed shirts by women more listening ears by women more loving encouragement by women more generous indulgence by women and LBNL more beautiful dresses ON women
@whitedatenet, January, 2018

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