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What does LDK mean?

LDK is an acronym standing for the Lenadoon Dog Killers, a youth gang in Belfast, Ireland.

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Examples of LDK

#90210 is that the number of dogs that has been apparantly killed by the LDK
@whatarenames, November, 2013
He said the vandals pierced the windscreen, slashed tyres and scraped onto the bonnet the letters 'LDK', believed to denote 'Lenadoon Dog Killers'.
The Irish News, January, 2015
“The vandals who broke this resident’s windscreen and slashed her tyres, also scraped the letters ‘LDK’ onto the bonnet, which I have been informed stands for ‘Lenadoon Dog Killers’ - a gang of youths who are mindless enough to feel such attacks are acceptable,” he said.
Gemma Murray, News Letter UK, January, 2015

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