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or LEL or TOP LEL [lel] or [el-ee-el]

What does lel mean?

Lel is a playful or ironic variation of the common internet acronym LOL or lol, for laugh out loud.

Where does lel come from?

Examples of lel

found out i have midterm today lel
@baseddondiego March, 2018
I’ve got to seriously stop lip syncing in public this girl thought I was talking to myself. Embarrassing. LEL IMMA CARRY ON
@whatismylifesis, March, 2018
You can't teach old dogs new tricks. Let alone teach Trump to be presidential at his age of 71. lel
@OloapZurc, November, 2017

Who uses lel?

Lel can have a subtle but significant difference from lol, as it can connote sarcastic or cynical laughter and can be used to laugh at someone. As a result, it can be interpreted as condescending and mocking and can be associated with internet trolls.

Still, as lel spread from the more obscure corners of online message-boards to the internet mainstream, it also took on softer, more general tones of general amusement or surprise—and perhaps carries a hipper, more in-the-know prestige than the familiar lol.

Lel  is sometimes stylized as TOP LEL, which serves as a reaction to something that’s particularly humorous or shocking. Be very mindful that TOP LEL is often associated with topkek, a superlative form of kek, itself a corruption of lol favored by the alt-right. While lel is less politically and racially charged than kek, both can be used to express cruel laughter.

In some instances, lel may be used to stand-in for laughing extremely loud, an intensive form of lol.

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