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What does LGO mean?

LGO is an acronym that means life goes on. It is often used as a hashtag.

Examples of LGO

Whether you choose to move on n take a chance in the unknown.Or stay behind locked in the past,thinking of what couldn't have been #LGO
@raj_speak, July, 2017
Hell of an effort. Hell of a run. As Heim has said all year, this team couldn’t have done more. Safe to say we’re all proud to be Orange tonight. Already hyped for next year #LGO 🍊🍊🍊
@Steve_Neikam, March, 2018
I learned that life is full of distractions don't get distracted from your journey by nothing that threatings it!! #Lgo
@j0shthebrodie, August, 2015

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