What does LHM mean?

LHM is a acronym used in text and social media that means Lord have mercy! It can be used in a spiritual sense, or ... not.

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Examples of LHM


Examples of LHM
@Ur_Girl_Ben, May, 2018
If you feel your "soul" needs some rest today - meditate on this verse. Jesus knows your cares and is ready, willing and able to answer your prayers. #bibleverseoftheday #verseoftheday #lhm #larryhuchministries #scripturefortoday
@LarryHuch, May, 2018
NO. It’s a joke from Saturday Night Live, a comedy show. That’s why ‘Mike Pence’ is in quotes. It’s one of the cast pretending to be Mike Pence. #LHM
@CapehartJ, December, 2017
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