What does LMR mean?

LMR is an acronym frequently used in the incel community. Meaning last minute resistance, it is what they've named the moment a woman revokes her consent to sexual activity, usually just before the event.

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Examples of LMR


Examples of LMR
You'll encounter much less LMR if you are actually engaging the girl before sex.
zlex, February, 2018
I prefer this method. It turns the tables on the LMR thing, sets her up as the 'aggressor' and thus minimises some of the other risks.
epic_pig, February, 2018
1 “We’re not having sex”

Translation: I’m considering having sex with you, as long as you don’t fuck it up. If you play your cards right, keep escalating and conquer my ASD/LMR, you’ll be getting your dick wet tonight.

torid, Roosh V Forum, January, 2017

Who uses LMR?

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