What does LYA mean?

LYA is a textspeak acronym used for love you always or love you all.

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Examples of LYA


Examples of LYA
Good morning my amazing #SPNFamily I wish you all a wonderful day ❤ Many hugs and kisses 😙 LYA ❤
@HuntingWithSame, January, 2015
BTW, I can't express to you all the heartfelt gratitude for all the birthday wishes today. It's been a great day thanks to you all. LYA!!!
@TheOrangeCone, September, 2016
Not even home for 5 minutes and already been put in the best mood so thankful for all my girls rn lya so muchh ❤❤ @Disneybeaumontx @ashleyxxfovvs @WeAdoreRoadTrip gc (didnt want to miss anyone out) xxx
@MillyLewiss6, January, 2018

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