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What does MMSL mean?

MMSL is an acronym meaning married man sex life. It is the website for marital coach Athol Kay, and it is widely read by those in the incel community.

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Examples of MMSL

Found this site via MMSL, and am happy to find a Christian viewpoint in the “manosphere.”
mrs_h, August, 2014
And a lot of Game was geared around becoming the kind of guy the ISO9000 Reference Neurotypical Regulation Hottie would want to give "pornstar sex" or "lay like tile" to quote MMSL.
@alcockell, April, 2018
Wow. Nice. I really needed this. Married game is pretty hard. I didn't find the red pill until I'd been married 4 years. MMSL is awesome and works wonders. I need nuke-nuggets like this to supplement. Thanks for this!
@iamdropc, January, 2018

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Married Man Sex Life

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