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What does MSM mean?

MSM means “mainstream media.” It is often used to describe media outlets, like newspapers and news shows, that are widely viewed and accepted by most people and that are generally seen as reliable. Some people believe they are all skewed either right or left, in terms of political viewpoints, but they all claim to be neutral.

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Examples of MSM

The majority of liberals oppose Kavanaugh; MSM finds the few who want him and cover relentlessly. The majority of Americans disapprove of Trump; they find the few who love him and cover relentlessly. Who do they think they're appeasing, and who do they think they're fooling?
@sarahkendzior, August, 2018
My wish: no coverage of Trump rallies by MSM. Shut him down. Shut him off. #nomoretrumplies #basta
@ChocaholicBrit, August, 2018

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