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What does MWF mean?

MWF is an acronym that stands for married white female. It is often used in personal ads, message boards, and chat rooms.

It can also stand for Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This is mainly used by students or employees to indicate a schedule.

Examples of MWF

Got the last seat in the GUI course I really wanted and finagled my schedule so that I only come in MWF 😍
@TmanVGC, April, 2017
Another reason why some people have steered away from the personals is because it's hard to decipher the abbreviations and code words. While "MWF" (married white female) or "DJM" (divorced Jewish male) are easy to understand, other phrases have double and even triple meanings."
 New York Magazine, March, 1984
As the most common treatment of advanced kidney failure, HD typically requires patients to follow a strict treatment schedule, which typically entails receiving dialysis on a thrice weekly schedule; either Monday-Wednesday-Friday (MWF) or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday (TTS).
 US National Library of Medicine, June, 2012

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