What does NFSW mean?

NFSW is an acronym used in texting, email, and elsewhere online, meaning not for showing wife. It's used to imply something sexual or offensive in some way to women, or something that would be offensive to the recipient's wife.

Examples of NFSW


Examples of NFSW
I need a little cash so Im willing selling a 8+min NFSW Video plus picture set.😣 30$ for the whole thing♠ I'm also willing to do some custom sets. But dm me if interested in either. ♠❤😄
@Cuddlespade1, May, 2018
daaaaaaaaaamn i’ve taken a photo of my lips and it even looks as if they’re not nonexistent if i had a nfsw acc i’d definitely post the photo there
@asaedaea, May, 2018
Email subject line: Warning! NFSW (or your girlfriend, ha!)
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