What does OMSN stand for?

OMSN is used by Grateful Dead fan's (or Deadheads), to refer to their song "One More Saturday Night."

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Examples of OMSN


Examples of OMSN
Come the rockin' stroke of midnight, whole place is gonna fly #OMSN
@fat_man_rocks, July, 2016
No backdrop behind Ratdog. Just the simplicity of the load-in door for the lights to dance on. Bobby singing his songs with passion #OMSN
@fractalgal, July, 2014
39 years ago today @GratefulDead played at UMass Amherst in Amherst, MA, on Brent Mydland's first tour with the Grateful Dead. The encore was Shakedown Street>OMSN.
@lemieuxdavid, May, 2018

Who uses OMSN?

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