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What does OTR mean?

OTR is an acronym that can be used in two ways.

It is used for pop music artists Beyonce and Jay-Z’s joint tour On the Run.

It is also used for the phrase off the record. When used on social-media sites, OTR usually precedes a fact or thought the user wouldn’t verbalize in person.

Examples of OTR

otr idk what i'm doing w my life rn. :))
@makaylaescue_, December, 2016
Why would reporters agree to talk to Trump OTR when he hasn't given a presser in almost 6 months?
@JoshuaHol, December, 2019
With everything going on in the world I’m not distracted by the fact Beyonce nor Jay Z have put out new music for OTR II yet. I don’t know what kind of games them two playing but I don’t like it.
@femmereh, May, 2018

Who uses OTR?

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