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What does SB mean?


Short for snapback, SB is used on social media platform Snapchat for when you want a user to respond back to a snap, or "message."

Examples of SB


Examples of SB
Shorty gonna get mad at me I asked her about her Snapchat snap. SnapBack at me saying, don’t ask me questions. Shorty just mad I ain’t missing her. Hahahaha...
@FreakNasty_85, September 2018
why do people send me snapchats saying “dont sb” like bitch why are u sending me a snapchat in the first place if you dont want me to reply?
@joewoahy, February 2018
If people keep doing the "sb for a we get it" on snapchat and keep blowing up my feed I'm gonna start unfriending you real quick
, January 2017

Where does SB come from?

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Appearing on Urban Dictionary in 2017, SB was born on Snapchat, the popular social media platform that launched in 2011. On the platform, users send snaps (short videos or photos) to one or more users. Not to be confused with a style of baseball hats, a snapback emerged as slang for a snap sent in response.

Younger Snapchatters will offer a TBH (to be honest) in exchange for an SB. This means if you snapback, the user will respond by divulging what they think about you, usually in the form of a self-esteem boosting compliment.

Snapchat itself encourages snapbacks through it Snapstreak feature. If you and another user respond to each other’s snaps within 24 hours over the course of 3 days, you are on a Snapstreak. Next to your fellow messenger’s name, you’ll see the fire emoji 🔥 along with the number of days the streak has been going on. This incentivizes many users to keep the run alive through snapbacks.


In the world of sneakers, we should briefly note, the acronym SB is used by Nike for their Nike SB line of shoes, where it’s been short for skateboarding since 2002.


And to really cover our tight ends: in sports talk, SB can also stand for Super Bowl.

Who uses SB?

Given that the act of doing a snapback is specific to Snapchat, it’s perhaps not that surprising that SB is primarily found on the social media platform. Some people, however, aren’t huge fans of the sb for a tbh culture, finding it vain and attention-seeking, and post their opinions about it on other social media platforms.

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