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What does TDS mean?

TDS is an acronym for Trump Derangement Syndrome, a term applied to people who express deep loathing and fear of President Donald Trump. It’s usually used by Trump supporters for liberals.

It’s also used as a social-media hashtag in reference to the Tour De Suisse bike race. And, when it has a lowercase s, it’s used to abbreviate touchdowns.

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Examples of TDS

Calling Trump rude for calling out a person for being rude is PEAK #TDS
@thufir0, June, 2018
@billmaher I can be in LA any time to discuss your #TDS. Maybe we even find an antidote (not likely but, hey, worth a try)! “#AMERICA🇺🇸”
@ericbolling, June, 2018
Good 5th place today in a hard and wet stage. #SC #tourdesuisse #TDS #cycling 📸 @bettiniphoto
@sonnycolbrelli, June, 2018

Who uses TDS?

TDS (and Trump Derangement Syndrome) is most often used on social media by supporters of Donald Trump. TDS is most often used to criticize people who oppose and/or dislike Trump and to defend Trump from what the user believes to be invalid criticism and attacks.

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