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What does WIH mean?

WIH is an acronym that can mean when I’m high and can also refer to women in horror. The latter is frequently seen on Twitter as a hashtag, referring to women involved in the horror film business.

Examples of WIH

Thx@gruesomemag 4 sharing the new PUPPET KILLER trailer starring @PuppetSimon by @Inofilms #wih #PuppetSimon
@JessicaCameron, March, 2018
Person 1: Up for some game time?

Person 2: Tonight ... WIH!

Go check this out if you're anywhere near Vermont this week, fantastic line-up. Our short film WATCH ME is playing on Saturday. #ausfilm #tasfilm #womeninfilm #wih #awff #indiehorror
@BrionyKidd, November, 2017

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