What does WOMP mean?

WOMP has several meanings.

The hashtag on Twitter and other social media often means world on my plate and is related to healthy eating.

The same hashtag is sometimes used to imply a sound, for punctuation or emphasis, often on something negative. It's possibly rooted in the '90s song, "Whoomp! (There It Is)." It can also be use as WOMP WOMP for double emphasis ...


Examples of WOMP


Examples of WOMP
It's almost 10 and I just realized I've only had one meal today. #womp
@KeishaMcCotry, April, 2018
Womp womp...this facial recognition technology basically guarantees you can never play hooky from work again:
@MarketWatch, May 2018  
When you’re super stoked for the @thegreatkhalid concert next week, but then your friend who was going with you unexpectedly has to move to Guam by Sunday...😏 #womp
@Elisabeth1014, May, 2018

Who uses WOMP?

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