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What does YMCMB mean?

YMCMB is an acronym that stands for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. It is used to refer to the artists represented by Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, such as Lil Wayne and Drake, and their respective lifestyles.

Examples of YMCMB

I grew up on G-UNIT, you grew up on YMCMB, so we bound to be different
@t_lionmusic, March, 2018
"I'm sick of Lil Wayne and the YMCMB, so I made my own eight person(a) rap group, the YCCPDB!"
u/Jaf207, April, 2013
Y'all... take care might have been drake's best album. It was at the intersection of ymcmb and ovo. Drake was still vulnerable on that album 💛
@jalenmakesbank, March, 2018

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