What our users have to say about our dictionary apps:

WOW! The Dictionary.com app is awesome! It has really grown to be a fully functional mobile dictionary and thesaurus! Thank you for all your hard work! — Greg V.

I really love this free dictionary iPhone app! It has so many awesome things packed into it. Get it for the Word of the Day! — Robert J.

I love this app!! Not only does this app define words but it shows you how to pronounce them. Now I have all the words in the world at my fingertips! — Angela S.

The Dictionary.com mobile app is my favorite. I love that it works even if I don't have an internet connection on my iPhone. 5 stars! — Jan M.

Ever want to define a word when you're on the go? With the Dictionary.com iPhone app and you can have a mobile library in your pocket! It's AWESOME! — MillieJ.

Dictionary.com is also available on Android, iPhone, Amazon and Windows.

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