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  1. What Do Your Kids Really Think About You?

    Have you ever wondered what your kids really think about you … i.e., why are you soooo embarrassing? With insight about what it’s like to be a parent, how it feels to work with a boss, and things new parents shouldn’t forget, this kid is gearing up to rule the world while also winning over your heart. And, dads … it’s clear daughters know how …

  2. Betterment Isn’t Easy To Achieve—Here’s Some Motivation

    Mark is an artist. Mark practices for the betterment of his art. Mark is driven. Be like Mark. Mark is right-handed but wants to improve the skills of his left hand, so he practices drawing with his left hand every day.

  3. This Is Why You Should Not Judge A Word By How It Sounds

    In the 1700s, Cassia of Rome warned that maybe we should judge a word by how it sounds. Sit back, it’s story time. One night, Cassia was walking home when a charming man approached with an invite to a mysterious drama called “The Vomitorium.” Cassia followed him to an ancient amphitheater. As he led her through the passageway next to the seats, she was confused …

  4. Slang Every 90s Kid Knows

    Props if you’re in the know. If not, watch this: Pretty much everything was better in the 90s. Especially slang. Chillax? Skeezy? Yes, please!

  5. Attention, Word Offenders: Avoid These Words

    Are you guilty of using these crutch words? Never fear: So are we! See more words to remove from your speech here. From using honestly out of context in a sentence to inserting literally intermittently throughout a conversation, everyone uses crutch words. Crutch words are words we slip into sentences subconsciously that gives us time to think. Those of us who constantly use crutch words …

  6. The Best Old-timey Insults We Need To Bring Back

    Who doesn’t love a good comeback? These are the best insults we stopped using, but should totally bring back. Everyone loves a good comeback but few can make quips that are extremely specific and that have never been heard before. Watch the video above from to turn back the clock and learn insults that were used centuries ago. Just make sure you have enough ointment …

  7. It Matters Which Way Your Gun Emoji Faces

    This is the gun emoji. Aside from its appearance, which historically varies based on platform, there are two reasons why it’s so interesting: It’s directional and its meaning is culturally “loaded.” So, what does this mean? Watch to find out why direction matters when using the gun emoji and why what comes before and after the gun emoji truly matters.

  8. Words Of A Designer And Letterpress Printer

    This is Susie. She’s been a designer and letterpress printer at Carrot & Stick Press for 20 years. There’s something around formalizing the event and imagining your loved ones taking a moment to appreciate the significance of what’s happened or what’s going to happen when they get the card in the mail. And they go to their mailbox, their actual mailbox. Because a handwritten note …

  9. These Kids Have Bright Ideas About Idioms (Part II)

    Kids redefine idioms … and it’s STILL amazing. Give it a shot, the ball is in your court, and more hilariously redefined idioms. Check out Part I here.

  10. We’re All Guilty Of Phubbing … Here’s Why

    Are you spending more time with your phone than your loved ones? Words matter . . . especially in the bedroom. Phubbing is the habit of snubbing someone because you love your phone more than them. If you choose to phub, you get no love. This PSA is brought to you by

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