Words You Want to Banish in 2013

Last week, we discussed the Worst Words of 2012. We were originally inspired by past lists from Lake Superior State University in Michigan. Every year they compile words that were misused, overused, and abused, and this week they released their list for 2013, which included some choice words that we had overlooked:

Kick the can down the road
Double down
Job creators
Spoiler alert
Bucket List

These kinds of lists are designed to capture an ort of our collective unconscious: the words that have become so a part of our temporary lexicon that we – newscasters, television writers, sports announcers, bloggers – cannot help but use them. Many of our fans did not like the idea of censoring any word use or diction, but of course we’re not talking about removing words or actually censoring select words. (Read our discussion of when words are removed from other dictionaries here.)

Many of you also understood where the impetus of the list was coming from and suggested additional words to banish like:

Wrecking ball
Going forward
Skin in the game
Gift (as a verb)
Slippery slope
Game changer

What others would you include? And what less-used words would you suggest that people replace the banished terms with? Let us know.

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