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    8 Lesser-Known Terms Of Endearment To Try On Your Sweetie

    We’re crazy about hypocorisms at the dictionary. That’s another word for pet name or nickname … you know, the kind of name you give your sweetie or bae. But, why settle for commonplace pet names like honey, sweetie, and darling when you could woo your beloved with lesser-known noms d’amour that delight their intellects (whilst also confusing them slightly)? For the knight-errant: Dulcinea Would you …

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    What Do All Of These Different Heart Emojis Mean?

    We've rounded up all of the different emoji hearts and will try to break down what they represent—so the next time you're confessing your undying love for the person next door via Tweet, of course, you'll know exactly which heart to send.

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    12 Words For Happiness So Merry You Can’t Help But Grin

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    Stop us when this starts to sound familiar. You’re chatting away, having a great conversation, and then everyone seems to stop in their tracks. Did they just notice a giant chunk of basil in your front teeth? Catch a whiff of those garlic knots you had with lunch? Or, was it something about that word you used that has your friends’ shoulders shaking and their …

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  9. 6 Words That Ruin An Apology

    Apologies are easy, or so it would seem. We utter them all the time for minor things without a second thought: “Sorry, I’m running late.” “Sorry, what did you say?” “I’m sorry, but I was here first.”   But making a sincere apology is something else altogether. When we’ve truly wronged someone, it’s important to choose our words carefully to make sure our apology is received …

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