Ways to Say

  1. How To Stop Saying These Annoying Words

  2. How To Talk Politics With Your Family Without Arguing

    This woman gives us two words that she tries to remember when talking politics with her family. Anything helps, right
  3. Will Emoji Ruin Language As We Know It?

    By Jane Solomon There are two polarizing opinions about emoji that are often set up in a false dichotomy. Are emoji destroying language as we know it or are they a universal language that will one day save the world? Neither of these get at how emoji are actually being used, but they’re the frame through which many people experience emoji, and that’s worth unpacking. …

  4. How Do You Pronounce Facade?

    One man gives us the story of how his coworker pronounced facade ... and how he courteously had to tell him that he was wrong.
  5. We Asked These People What Words They Always Say Wrong …

    We asked these 6 people what words they always say wrong ... and their mispronunciations are totally relatable. Watch and see if you pronounce these words correctly.
  6. A Spanish Couple Explains How Tapas Are Different In Spain

    Yair and Mara are from Spain, but they currently live in America. When they went back to visit family and friends, we asked them to explain how tapas are different in Spain.
  7. getty

    The Hardest Words To Spell Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

    Texts to mom. Emails to your boss. Resumes. Cover letters. Job applications. Orthography is everywhere, and, even if you’re a master speller, most folks have that one word that has proven to be their spelling kryptonite. Now for a little good news. There’s a secret to skirting those spelling speed bumps without revealing your fatal flaw: substitute a synonym. diarrhea Diarrhea. I'm an ER nurse. …

  8. This Teen Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

    Winter's pins may be small, but the words and feelings they express are monumental. Check 'em out.
  9. Motherland vs. Fatherland

    The terms motherland and fatherland both refer to one’s native country, one’s country of origin, or the home of one’s ancestors. But, why do some countries say motherland and others fatherland? Whether a particular group uses motherland or fatherland seems to be a matter of custom. It’s unusual for a group to use both. Noah Webster’s The American Dictionary of the English Language, from 1847, referred to motherland …

  10. Getty

    Each Firework Type Has A Name … Do You Know Them?

    Independence Day fireworks generally get the “ooohs” and ahhhs,” but did you know that each type has an actual name? What’s a peony firework? The peony is one of the most common kinds of aerial pyrotechnic effects. It is named for a variety of plants with large, showy flowers. Old Farmer’s Almanac This firework has a starlike explosion that quickly turns into a bulging circle of …

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