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  1. 10 Times Idioms Were Used Incorrectly In Famous Situations

    When idioms are misused, quite a bit can be lost in translation, leaving the audience scratching their heads. A gaffe between friends is one thing, but what about when the whole world is listening? Here are 10 times idioms were used incorrectly in famous situations.

  2. 5 Words To Describe Generation Z

    Each generation is different ... very different. And, we all think of ourselves in certain ways. That's why we asked people from different generations to give us five words that describe theirs. Here's Generation Z ...
  3. Top 10 Acronyms That Will Make Your Life Easier

    These are the top 10 acronyms you should be using to make your life easier ... and more fun.

  4. getty

    The Art Of The Dad Joke

  5. English Expressions From India That We Should All Be Using

    English is a major lingua franca, but that doesn’t mean native speakers of other languages around the world don’t put their own spin on English. Generally, if English has been introduced into a community (through colonization, missionary work, what have you), that community will find completely unique ways to use and reinterpret it, to make it “local.”  India is a top contender for using English …

  6. The Words You Need For Every Decade Of Your Life

    When we're young, we desperately want to be grown up. Then once we realize we're old, we start to spend too much time thinking about ways to turn back the clock. Why can't we just be satisfied with where we are? These words should help clarify that feeling ...
  7. We Asked: The Weirdest Thing You Have Said To Fit In

    This woman gives us insight into her teenage years by explaining the weirdest thing she's ever said to fit in. We've all been there ...
  8. Commonly Confused Idioms And The Correct Way To Say Them

    These idioms are often misunderstood & misquoted, we've got some hilarious examples of misuse and what they might have meant.

  9. 8 Ways To Say “Yes”

  10. How To Stop Saying These Annoying Words

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