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  1. The Slang of Suds: Know Your Beer!

    The microbrew/craft beer industry has exploded in recent years, offering both professionals and home brewers the opportunity to experiment and create beer that‘s probably a far cry from what Homer Simpson drinks down at Moe’s. While the beverage is nearly as old as civilization (it goes back to Mesopotamia, and is the oldest alcoholic drink), it’s definitely taken some interesting twists and turns. Here, we present some new beer terms you might want to know before you head out to your local craft brewer.

  2. Food Terms To Avoid Abroad

    Before traveling abroad, make sure you jot down these foods that mean very different things in other languages.

  3. The Cryptic Language of Wine

    Anyone can sound like a wine connoisseur! All you need is a quick flip through these must-know wine words.

  4. These Alcoholic Drinks Are Hiding Behind Regular Words

    You’re out and about, you order what you think is a nice tea or coffee, and surprise! It has alcohol in it!?

  5. 11 Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Know

  6. What Are The Best Warm And Wintery Drink Names?

    After a long winter day, there’s nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with a warm drink while the snow falls (and then falls some more, and some more). Looking for something new to add to your hot drink repertoire? Here are some warm and tasty winter drinks from around the world. Let’s start with the one in the headline, straight from Sweden. Glögg …

  7. Discover The Origins Of These Cooking Tool Names

  8. Getty

    What’s The Difference Between Baloney And Bologna?

    Thinly dressed with yellow mustard and slapped between two slices of white bread, bologna is found in the lunchboxes of many American youth. But, what does the cold cut have to do with baloney , a slang word that implies nonsense? The bologna sausage is traditionally made from the “odds and ends” of chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. It is similar to the Italian mortadella …

  9. Getty

    Frozen “Yogurt” Got Its Name From A Big Misunderstanding

    Double or single scoop? Cone or cup? However you take it, all frozen desserts have one thing in common. Nothing tastes better on a summer afternoon than an ice-cold, sweet treat, and one of the most popular is frozen yogurt. Where does frozen yogurt get its name? Frozen yogurt is fairly new to the world of sweets. It was introduced in the 1970s under the …

  10. How The Hot Dog Got Its Silly (And Kind of Gross) Name

    This July 4th weekend how about taking some time to consider the names of those items you are about to eat? Brace yourself for the short and disputed history of that American grilling favorite: The “hot dog.” Why do we call hot dogs, well, hot dogs? There are a few schools of thought on the origin of this favorite food. Some think that people commonly believed …

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