1. Suspicious Slang Your Kids Are Using

    Kids are crafty—and so they've invented some new words to use in times of exasperation, anger, or when just trying to fit in. Do you know what these slang words mean?
  2. Why Do I F’ing Love Cursing So Much?

    Raw, succinct, expressive, taboo: That’s why I love curse words, why do you?
  3. Emoji Challenge: Can You Translate More Emoji Into English?

    Do you love emoji? Do you love translating emoji into English phrases? Here's Part II of our Emoji Challenge.
  4. The Suffocating History Behind The Word “Nightmare”

    It's dark. You're alone. Was that a footstep? Did something just brush up against you? You fight to get up, but you're stuck ... right on top of you is a horrifying nightmare. Sorry, did you say a nightmare was on top of me?
  5. When You Should Not Say Sorry

    Sometimes saying sorry isn't the right thing to do ... just ask "the apologizer."
  6. 5 Words To Describe Your Generation

    Each generation is different ... very different. And, we all think of ourselves in certain ways. That's why we asked people from different generations to give us five words that describe theirs. Here's Generation Z ...
  7. We Asked People To Translate These Emojis Into English

    Can you guess the meaning of these emoji combinations? Some of them are creative enough to be put in the dictionary. How'd you do?
  8. Unteaching “Boys Will Be Boys” And “Boys Don’t Cry”

    Some phrases need to be untaught ... let's start the unlearning.
  9. The Words You Need For Every Decade Of Your Life

    When we're young, we desperately want to be grown up. Then once we realize we're old, we start to spend too much time thinking about ways to turn back the clock. Why can't we just be satisfied with where we are? These words should help clarify that feeling ...
  10. How This Horror Movie Term Became A Real Life Metaphor

    How did the fictional term "sunken place" become an actual term that the black community uses in real life?
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