1. #MeToo And Other Hashtags That Inspired A Movement

    From “Burn your bra!” to “We are the 99%” activist movements  have permeated our culture and conversation for awhile. And, hashtag activism is the newest, easiest, most engaging way to start a social movement ... but does it work?
  2. Quotes On Love And Heartbreak

  3. How Shut Up Became So Mean

  4. For The Love Of Pets: These Quotes Are Pretty Purrfect

  5. Moribund: Visual Word of the Day

    Learn more about this Word of the Day here.
  6. Common Words With Uncommon Opposites

    As we all know every lone sock has a long-lost twin, some words we use every day also have pairs that we just forgot about. Here are some of the English language’s best uncommon opposites.
  7. Kids Redefine Nostalgic Words From Your Past

    This kid definitely showed us a new, hilarious perspective on nostalgic words we used to say all the time!
  8. Quotes That Show How Our Greatest US Presidents Coined Our Most Common Words

  9. These Kids Know More About Idioms Than You Do

    Kids redefine idioms ... and it's amazing. A piece of cake, an arm and a leg, cats and dogs ... what do you think they mean?
  10. This Is Why You Should Not Judge A Word By How It Sounds

    In the 1700s, Cassia of Rome warned that maybe we should judge a word by how it sounds. Sit back, it's story time.
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