1. What Is The Origin Of The Word “Bizarre”?

    Strange, but true: bizarre is a word with a debated and murky background. 
  2. Who Would You Describe As “Aloof”?

    Cat person or dog person? Everyone is different. But, would you go so far as to call them "aloof"?
  3. Why Was The Phrase “On Fleek” So Popular?

    Let's be real, no one exactly knows what fleek means, but that didn't stop everyone from using it circa 2014.
  4. What Is The Origin Of The Word “Rapture”?

    The key to understanding the wide-ranging rapture is its origin. So, where did it come from?
  5. What Is The Origin Of The Word “Behemoth”?

    What exactly is a behemoth? Well, the original behemoth was found in the ... duh, duh, duh ... Bible. 
  6. Did You Know Mexican Independence Day Is Not Cinco De Mayo?

    Most people know Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th. However, what they don't know is that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day. So, when is it? This woman helps us explain ...
  7. What Part Of Speech Is The Word “Manifest”?

    In English, manifest can be an adjective, verb, and a noun. Oh yea, and at one time, it was even an adverb. Great, one word showcasing how crazy confusing the English language can be.
  8. What Is The Origin Of The Word “Pariah”?

    There's nothing worse than being a social pariah—in other words, "an outcast," someone banished to the fringes of the cafeteria with no one to sit with. But, did this word always have a negative meaning?
  9. What Does The Word “Karma” Really Mean?

    Let's start from the beginning—the very beginning. Karma comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language going back some 3,500 years.
  10. Questions To Shake Students Out Of The Back-To-School Blues

    This teacher gets real tired of saying the same words over and over. So, she came up with these helpful lists of synonyms to encourage just a little amount of participation during that time of year she calls the back-to-school blues.
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