1. Empowering Ways To Respond To Relationship Status Questions

    We asked these people to give us some of their favorite ways to deflect, or to answer, the age-old question, “Are you seeing someone?"
  2. We Asked: What Are Five Words To Describe Hanukkah?

    We asked these people who celebrate Hanukkah to give us 5 words they think of when the holiday comes around every year.
  3. We Asked: What Are Your Favorite Christmastime Words?

    Christmas is right around the corner and there’s a lot of things that come to mind around this time of year. What words reminds you of Christmastime?
  4. What Are The Most Fun Words In The English Language?

    These three people told us their favorite words from the English language. What are your favorite words?
  5. Are “Immigrant,” “Ex-pat,” And “Alien” Synonyms?

    The words "immigrant," "expat," and "alien" all have some history and tensions behind them. Is one word better to use than the others? This man helps us figure it out.
  6. Favorite Ways To Say “I’m Cold” All Winter Long

    No matter how you say it, it’s going to be pretty cold this winter, so make sure you bundle up ... and if you get tired of complaining about the cold, we've got some synonyms for ya!
  7. What Makes Attractive People “Brooding”?

    What do Ryan Gosling and a mother Canada goose have in common? They are both dark and brooding.
  8. When Exactly Are The 12 Days Of Christmas?

    Are there actually 12 Days of Christmas? And if so when are they? Let's take a little stroll down Christmas carol lane to find out ...
  9. Are These Foods Fruits, Vegetables, Or Berries?

    How can we know what is a fruit? A vegetable? A berry? A nut? Doesn't it seem like it's always changing? Why is it so confusing?
  10. Can You Guess What These Christmas Carol Words Mean?

    Like many of us, these contestants have no idea what figgy pudding or many other words from Christmas carols actually mean. Contestants ... you're up.
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