1. The Loaded History Of “Shitfaced”

    Here's a little-known origin story of one of our most loaded words ...
  2. Travel Words For People With Wanderlust

    No rest for the weary? Ha! It should be no rest for the wanderlust because it's exhausting preparing for a trip.
  3. How Do You Use i.e. And e.g.?

    Have you ever been able to keep these two abbreviations straight? We've got a small little life hack to help you out!
  4. What Scares A Dictionary? Ghost Words!

    Ghost words haunt dictionaries like ours because they came into existence by error like a mistaken reading of a manuscript, a scribal error, or a misprint ... eerie.
  5. Explain The Difference Between Enemy vs. Nemesis

    The difference between these two words may be subtle ... however, they're both extremely hard to defeat.
  6. These Experts Help Explain “Misinformation” In 2018

    These experts around information, the environment, technology, medicine, activism, and journalism help us explain why we chose "misinformation" as 2018's Word of the Year.
  7. How To Talk Politics With Your Family Without Arguing

    This woman gives us two words that she tries to remember when talking politics with her family. Anything helps, right
  8. Why Is The Word “Read” In Read Receipts So Terrifying?

    Read is simple ... and what's wrong with that?
  9. This Misogynistic Group Got Its Name From A Woman

  10. The Power Of Reclaiming Controversial Terms

    Fair warning: Reading ahead will put you in contact with some controversial “bad” words. There are some words in English considered so derogatory and controversial that some people won’t even type them out. They’re shortened, instead, to the just one letter, followed by “word.” The c-word. The b-word. They’re the sort of words young children are told never to utter and most certainly not to hurl …

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