1. What’s The Best Typo You’ve Ever Made?

    What's worse than an embarrassing typo? How about one that goes out to your whole company ...
  2. Cousin Relationships Explained: First, Second, & Once Removed

    Family is complex. Especially when it comes to figuring out what the difference is between "first cousins," "second cousins," and those that are "once removed"!
  3. Is Being Candid A Good Or A Bad Thing?

    Let us be candid with you. It can be hard tell whether being candid is a good or bad thing.
  4. The Disgusting Origin Of The Word “Squirt”

    If you’re a ten-year-old boy, this host is about to become your new hero. Everyone else? Sorry we ruined ketchup.
  5. Ways To Say You Can’t Eat Anymore

    Learn how to politely decline those 3rd and 4th helpings by dazzling your family with some sparkling synonyms. They won't know what hit 'em.
  6. Do Other Countries Have A Thanksgiving?

    Is the United States the only country in the world to celebrate Thanksgiving? These two hosts figure it out.
  7. Is “Agnostic” Only About Religion?

    Can the word "agnostic" be used outside of religion? What other things are considered "agnostic"?
  8. What Is The Meaning Of “Carte Blanche”?

    Carte blanche entered the English language as a French loan word in the mid-17th century, when card games were all the rage, of course. But what does it mean now?
  9. Why Do Names Have So Much Meaning?

    The names that we’re given and the names that we give ourselves are pretty darn important. Why do names have so much meaning?
  10. What Exactly Is A Cornucopia?

    It’s Thanksgiving, you’re sitting around the table, the food is coming out, and you look up, salivating, only to see a giant horn full of fruits and veggies sitting in the middle of the table. Why is this here, and what does it mean?
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