1. How This School Principal Uses Words To Make Change Happen

  2. Try Not To Laugh At This Similar Sounding Slip-up

    Malapropisms are slip-ups we all make ... sometimes you read one word and you just say another. This woman laughs at her unfortunate slip-up in the workplace. We relate!
  3. Bendy Redefines Eco-Fashion

    Products like the Bendy show that eco-fashion can be more than just an expensive ideal. Now, you can choose products that look and feel great while being kinder and gentler on the planet. Watch more to find out how.
  4. Quotes To Inspire Your Writing

    Guess what ... writer's block is real and it's common. We all feel it; take it from these well-known authors. They're here to sympathize and offer a bit of advice to get your inspiration flowing again.
  5. You’re Not A Picky Eater, You’re Just A Flexitarian

    Isn't it funny that we have our own word now? We're not carnivores, we're not vegetarians or vegans, we're not pescatarians, we're flexitarians ... and it sounds so fancy!
  6. How Do You Pronounce Facade?

    One man gives us the story of how his coworker pronounced facade ... and how he courteously had to tell him that he was wrong.
  7. We Asked These People What Words They Always Say Wrong …

    We asked these 6 people what words they always say wrong ... and their mispronunciations are totally relatable. Watch and see if you pronounce these words correctly.
  8. A Spanish Couple Explains How Tapas Are Different In Spain

    Yair and Mara are from Spain, but they currently live in America. When they went back to visit family and friends, we asked them to explain how tapas are different in Spain.
  9. Thoughtful Quotes About Gratitude

    Having a rough morning? Remember all there is to be grateful for with these quotes about gratitude. Your day will get better, we promise!
  10. Two Nerdy Steps To Take To Improve Your Vocabulary

    When we asked this woman the difference between lay and lie ... she couldn't answer right away. Maybe her nerdy steps to learn how to use these words will help you learn the difference between lay and lie too?
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