1. This Couple Explains Why Indecisiveness Is A Common Pet Peeve

    All couples have fights. But are most of them just caused by indecisiveness? Let this couple explain ...
  2. We Asked: Do You Like The Word “Insight”?

    I love the word "insight." But, the thing about it, it’s so overused in the corporate world.
  3. Capture The Whole Rainbow In Just One Word

    This brilliantly colorful word is a must have when describing all things rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. You're welcome.
  4. What Is The Difference Between “Jail” And “Prison”?

    Would you rather go to jail or prison? We'll help you with this hypothetical decision, don't worry!
  5. Why Are People Taking “Minimoons”?

    This Word Of The Day inspired one poet to rhyme about "minimoons" ... and why sometimes they are a better (and fun) choice after a costly wedding.
  6. Was “Single” Always A Negative Word?

    The word "single" may seem like a lonely word, but does it just get a bad rap?
  7. What Do “Undulate” And Flag Day Have In Common?

    Waves undulate, flags undulate ... and in this video both of those meanings work together to create the perfect image. Watch our favorite Word of the Day illustrator bring the word to life.
  8. Better Your Banter With This Playful Term

    Join this conversation: Can you guess what "persiflage" means before the end of this illustration?
  9. Do You Know How To Speak DoggoLingo?

    In DoggoLingo, a puppy is called a pupper. A teeny doggo is called smol. A big one is a woofer. Did you follow all that?
  10. JOMO: The Word You Didn’t Know You Needed

    We all know what FOMO is ... but what is JOMO?
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