1. Women: Stop Saying These Words

    When we asked this woman what words she thought women should stop saying, she responded in rhyme. Watch to hear more about her views on these two phrases that convey unintentional gender bias. 
  2. These Dorothy Parker Quotes Will Put Your Comebacks To Shame

    These quotes are only a small roundup of her wisecracks, but who knows, maybe you'll be able to replace your typical comebacks with some new, literary ones a la Dorothy Parker.
  3. How K-pop Is Brilliantly Using Language is announcing our alliance with the BTS ARMY ... we freaking love k-pop.
  4. Quotes About Reading Our Favorite Books

    We all have favorite books ... and, if you're anything like us, you've probably read them many, many times. These quotes will remind you of the joy you get every time you reread those favorites.
  5. Harry Potter Redefines Identity

    As a 13-year-old girl in the world of books, Harry Potter has influenced Winter a lot. Hufflepuff and the words of Harry Potter make Winter feel like she can be who she is.
  6. This Teen Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

    Winter's pins may be small, but the words and feelings they express are monumental. Check 'em out.
  7. What’s So Wrong With “Nice”?

    Why does the word "nice" rub us the wrong way? Why don't people want to date the nice guy? What's so wrong with nice? Doesn't every mom wish you would meet a nice guy?
  8. Motivational Quotes That Remind You To Believe In Yourself

    Having a rough day? These quotes will undoubtedly pick you back up.
  9. Quotes That Capture The Inspiration And Agony Of Writing

  10. Boost Your Mid-Week Mood With This Phrase

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