1. A Mom’s Handy Word List For Questions That Won’t Quit

    To save your sanity while expanding your kids' vocabulary, here's a handy word list for questions that just won't quit.
  2. Watch This Word Come To Life: Blossom

    Roxane Gay selected "blossom" as our Word of the Day. And, this video helps illustrate why it's such an engaging word.
  3. Have You Ever Felt A Frisson?

    A frisson is "a sudden feeling or sensation of excitement, emotion, or thrill." What's made you experience this feeling?
  4. How Is The Word “Rhubarb” Used In Baseball?

    He's back ... our favorite Word of the Day fan helps explain how the word "rhubarb" is used in baseball.
  5. This Word Of The Day Fan Explains Bardolatry

    We asked this Word of the Day fan to explain his "bardolatry." Do you know as much about this word as he does?
  6. Quinceaneras: More Than Just A Pretty Dress

    Sure, some quinceaneras can get over-the-top, but that’s not the point of the ceremony. There’s a lot more to it ...
  7. What Are Some Examples Of Anachronism?

    For as realistic as they try to be, movies are rife with anachronisms. Here are a few examples ...
  8. We Asked: Why Do Some People Gesticulate So Much?

    For this woman, gesticulating helps her access memories and emotions and put them into speech. Why do you gesticulate?
  9. Getty

    “Compliment” vs. “Complement”: How To Pick The Right Word

    Compliment and complement are commonly confused terms because they’re pronounced alike and originally shared some meanings. But over time, they’ve become separate words with entirely different definitions. What does complement mean? Complement with an E is the older of the two terms. Its noun sense has been around in English since the 1300s. The term derives from the Latin complēmentum, meaning “something that completes.” So, that means if …

  10. How To Woo A Word Lover: Pickup Lines From The Dictionary

    There isn't a word in the dictionary for how good you look. Who says word nerds can’t get down? If you’re ever in the mood to snag a lexicographer, try out one of these pick up lines. Or, you know, just be a good person and talk to them.
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