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  1. “Homemade” vs. “Handmade”: Are These Synonyms?

    When shopping on Etsy or at local stores, you may notice some items advertised as handmade. However, other products you come across may feature that they’re homemade. So, which is better—something that’s handmade or homemade? And are these synonyms, or do they have important differences that shouldn’t be overlooked? Let’s take a closer look. What does homemade mean? Homemade is an adjective that describes something …

  2. 10 Words To Use Instead Of “Interesting” 

    When it comes to overused words, it may be of interest to you that interesting is right up there at the top of the well-worn confab crop. It’s not an inherently bad word, and there are times when it will do just fine, but far too frequently it’s a lazy linguistic choice. First evidence of the word dates back to 1705–15. Its stem comes from …

  3. 12 Words To Say Instead Of “Starting Over”

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  5. Better Words To Use Instead Of “Psycho”

    Psycho, when used as a noun, refers to “a crazy or mentally unstable person.” As an adjective, it describes a subject that’s “psychopathic or psychotic.” In fact, the word was first recorded in the 1930s as an abbreviated form of the terms psychological or psychotic. Since then, psycho has developed into one of pop culture’s favorite words to conjure up images of menacing killers and monsters that …

  6. “Yeet” vs. “Sweet”: Are They Synonyms?

    If you hang out with a younger person long enough, you might hear them proclaiming Yeet! But you’re not alone if you have no idea what they’re talking about. You may be able to get by with nodding your head and smiling, but … when they also throw a Sweet! into the mix, it can get confusing. Are you supposed to assume they mean the …

  7. 10 Ways To Change Your Negative Traits Into Something Positive

    Perhaps it's time to boot up a new you. Tired of the old one? In need of a quick makeover? How about turning what you perceive as a negative into more of a positive?

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  9. The Most Insincere Compliments And What To Say Instead

    Most people love to get praise or compliments. Not all compliments are created equal, though. The best praise is specific. When it’s clear that you really took the time to understand or pay attention to the person you’re praising, that praise feels sincere. Think about the time you spent all day on a piece of macaroni art in kindergarten, only to have your parents say, …

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