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  1. Weird Words For Crazy Urges We’ve All Had

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    Dictionary.com’s Top 10 Grammar Tips

  3. The Good And The Bad: Words That Can’t Choose

  4. Anaphora: Why “I Have a Dream” Was Pure Poetry

    What is anaphora? Anaphora is the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of consecutive sentences, poetry stanzas, or clauses within a sentence. It can be as short as a single word, such as I, when, or and. It can also involve several words, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s anaphoral phrase “I have a dream.” Anaphoral phrases are rarely longer than a few …

  5. The Longest English Words

  6. Ghost Words That Are Haunting The Dictionary

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    The Torturous Treadmill And Other Exercise Gear Origins

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    One of These Words is Not (Exactly) Like the Other

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    Digging Up Old Slang For Body Parts

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    Misusing Travesty Is A Tragedy

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