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    Righto, It’s British Slang, Mate!

    The British and the Americans: two people, as it's said, separated by a common language. Here's a list of some slang terms from the United Kingdom.

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    Words To Help Explain Relationships In The 2010s

    Internet tech has transformed not only how we date and relate from courtship of olden times, but how we talk about it as well.

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    When “Mixed” Isn’t Enough

    Why We Need Better Terms For People Who Identify As Two Or More Races by Nicole HollidayWhen I was a kid, I always just assumed that everyone in the world called people like me “mixed,” because in the 1990s in central Ohio, where I grew up, mixed almost always referred to folks like me, who had one black parent and one white parent. The community …

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    French-Inspired Slang That Makes English Sound Très Chic

    We've gathered some French-inspired expressions and slang words that will have you saying ooh-la-la because everyone wants to speak a foreign language, right? Especially one that sounds so enticing.

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    You’re Probably Already Speaking This Jamaican Slang

    We've rounded up some of our favorite examples of Jamaican slang in the language. Yuh ready?

  6. The Double Meanings For These Innocent Animal Emoji

    Animal-based emoji have been adopted for their symbolism. And, it's not just the three wise monkeys emoji that have deeper meanings.

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    The Issue With Casually Using The Word “Binge”

    The 12 episodes of the Netflix show that you watched on Saturday. The full pint of Ben & Jerry’s you ate last Thursday night. The entire series of books you read in one week. When we enjoy things, it’s normal for us to indulge in them. There’s even a handy little word we pull out just for these instances of indulging in something we love: binge. …

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    Has The Word “Ninja” Been Culturally Appropriated?

    Traditionally, the word ninja is defined as “a member of a feudal Japanese society of mercenary agents, highly trained in martial arts and stealth (ninjutsu), who were hired for covert purposes ranging from espionage to sabotage and assassination.” These ninjas have captured the Western pop culture imagination since at least the 1960s, when the word was borrowed into English. Since then, ninja has expanded to describe “a …

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    What Do All Of These Different Heart Emojis Mean?

    We've rounded up all of the different emoji hearts and will try to break down what they represent—so the next time you're confessing your undying love for the person next door via Tweet, of course, you'll know exactly which heart to send.

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    Hashtags To Help You Get By On Social Media

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