1. OMG, Deciphering Texting Acronyms FTW

  2. Why Do I F’ing Love Cursing So Much?

    Raw, succinct, expressive, taboo: That’s why I love curse words, why do you?
  3. Top 10 Acronyms That Will Make Your Life Easier

    These are the top 10 acronyms you should be using to make your life easier ... and more fun.

  4. Locked Up Lingo: 8 Terms That Summarize Prison Slang

    In prison, people use their own special forms of lingo and communication. The unique slang used by prisoners reflects this.

  5. Do You Speak Emoji? Translate These Well-Known Quotes

    Do you think you're an emoji expert? Challenge yourself & see if you can figure out these popular quotes.

  6. Everyday Words With Completely Different Meanings In Rap

    For twenty years, rap artists like C-Note, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, and A$AP Mob have been spitting about “sip- sip- sipping on some sizzurp,” or barre.

  7. Ready For Some Regional Rap Slang?

    Don’t mortify yourself by saying “fo’ shizzle” to someone from Chicago or by expecting Hi-Tek slang to be recognized outside of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. (No offense, Nati residents.) Rap slang can be as hyper-regional as sports alliances. With the help of M.I.M.’s lyrical breakdown about how each part of the US raps, we created an atlas of five notable words from each region. East …

  8. The Many, Many Words English Has For “Drunkards”

    If there’s one thing English has a lot of, it’s slang and colloquial words for people who really—and we do mean really—enjoy their adult beverages. You might even say English is drunk on such words—or, in today’s parlance, “go home, English, you’re drunk.” What’s more, these words reach back to the earliest days of recorded English. Here’s a collection of some of the most colorful …

  9. Suburban

    The suburbs have a language just as colorful and vibrant as the cities. In deference to our fair suburbs, we decided to even up the playing field a bit. Here's our suburban dictionary.

  10. Foxy, Catty, Fishy: Are These Traits For Animals Or Humans?

    Catty It seems horribly unfair to adorable cats that catty is a human descriptor meaning “devious or spiteful” (and usually in reference to female behavior). What gives? The word cat has been around since the year 700. But then, in the Middle Ages, cat became one of the many offensive terms against women and was slang for “prostitute.” The association might have been made because …

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