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    Quick: when you hear the word doctor, what do you picture? Most would probably describe someone in a white lab coat with a stethoscope hanging around their neck or someone in medical scrubs—someone you would seek out if you have a deep cut that needed stitches. That word doctor, however, is a title assigned to many who don’t come close to that description, many of …

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    Does your grandfather still call the fridge an “icebox”? Have you ever wondered why your mom calls the remote a “clicker”? Are you the kind of person who stubbornly still refers to your contact list as a “Rolodex”? As technology advances, the language that we use changes. New inventions (and conventions) prompt most of us to abandon old-fashioned terms like icebox in favor of more …

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    On, we love synonyms. We also love games. So, we're here on our first-ever episode of Find That Synonym looking at kangaroo words. Ready?
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    What are you doing on January 16th? After all the holiday parties, events, and shenanigans, you can take this day in particular to relax. Why? January 16th is National Nothing Day! In a world that requires near-constant busyness, this day (and unofficial holiday) is an excuse to kick your feet up and do … nothing. National Nothing Day was proposed in 1972 by Harold Pullman …

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    The words "immigrant," "expat," and "alien" all have some history and tensions behind them. Is one word better to use than the others? This man helps us figure it out.