Dictionary.com’s Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

New pages added!

We’re sure you’ve all been doing a lot of coloring these days … what’s a better activity to pass the time, right? How about printable coloring pages and learning how to define words? OK, that sounds better to us!

How to make your own printable dictionary

We’ve started to put together a Dictionary.com coloring book. It’s A–Z fun, with a word and coloring page for each letter of the alphabet. Plus there’s a cover sheet for your kids to label the dictionary as their own. Click the image to get a printable PDF of the first batch of pages (letters A–J)!

Here’s the link for the printable pages of the first batch of words (A–E). On each page there is a picture that illustrates the definition of the word on the page. Then, at the bottom, kids can use the writing lines to add their own definition of the word that they’ve come up with based on their interpretation of the picture. As a family, you can check the definition on Dictionary.com when they’re done to see if they were correct!

We’ll update this post with links to new batches every week so check back to continue building your child’s dictionary! We can all use things to look forward to during these quarantined months!

Share your books with us!

We’re excited to see what your kids come up with so share your colored pictures and homemade definitions with us on social media too! Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Happy coloring!

Print the pages for letters A–J here!

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