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3⃣ Keycap Digit 3 emoji

[kee-kap dij-it three ih-moh-jee]  

What does 3⃣ Keycap Digit 3 emoji mean?

Say “cheese” in 1, 2, keycap digit 3 emoji 3️⃣!

If you need to put a little extra emphasis on the number 3, especially in a sports context, the keycap digit 3 emoji has got your number. The emoji also pops up for the three slot in countdowns, lists, and other enumerations.

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Where does 3⃣ Keycap Digit 3 emoji come from?

Examples of 3⃣ Keycap Digit 3 emoji

Swish!! Patty hitting the 3️⃣ on his first shot #GoSpursGo
@spurs, March, 2018
🐚✨GLITTER ALERT!✨🐚 3⃣  new duo-chrome ⭐Glitter & Glow⭐ liquid eyeshadows hit our website today‼ Babes ... these are a must own!👈🏻 Make your eyes magically shine with mermaid-inspired sparkle!
@stilacosmetics, March, 2017
Basically, someone hoping to invalidate the ACA now would need: / 1️⃣ A new Plaintiff uninvolved in the original cases, to bypass res judicata / 2️⃣ A new theory unaddressed in the original cases, to bypass collateral estoppel / 3️⃣ A 5th justice, ignoring stare decisis
@greg_doucette, July, 2018

Who uses 3⃣ Keycap Digit 3 emoji?

It’s really just a fancy-looking, eye-grabbing three, keycap digit 3 is. Most often, the keycap digit 3 emoji is used to call special attention to the numeral 3 in some situation, such as a countdown to some important event or to highlight a major accomplishment.

3️⃣ more days… @tellmeyoulovemetour

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

It’s common to see this emoji in a sequence with other keycap digit emojis, either in a step-by-step instruction list or a “best” or “top” list.

The keycap digit 3 emoji is particularly popular in the area of sports, where it can represent jersey numbers, scores, and three-point shots.

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