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⚓️ Anchor emoji

[ang-ker  ih-moh-jee]

What does ⚓ Anchor emoji mean?

Ahoy, mate! The anchor emoji uses a classic representation of an anchor, employing something called the “admiralty pattern,” the oldest, traditional version of a modern anchor.

A ring sits at the top of a central shank, and at the other end two arms curve up with pointed flukes that dig into the seabed.

A popular tattoo, the symbol represents things related to marine life, such as sailing, being in the navy, or working on a boat as a fisherman. It is also used in social media to reference stability and strength.

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Where does ⚓️ Anchor emoji come from?


An anchor is a large, extremely heavy metal device, dropped with the use of chains over the side of boats to keep them in one place, or “anchored,” when they are in the water. The anchor emoji depicts just that and was approved as part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

The origin of the anchor itself started with heavy rocks, logs, and even sacks of sand tied to a long rope. The anchor evolved with the Iron Age, which is a good thing since a sack of sand doesn’t make for a great tattoo.


Examples of ⚓️ Anchor emoji

Quality time.. Chiefmate vs Deckcadet... 😜😝😋⚓⚓⚓
@dickmarine17, August, 2018
MB must be one hell of a fine sailor. Guess we thank those who helped make the seas choppy. #Gazette ⛵⚓
@ScottTh66153768, August, 2018
Sometimes we have to act normal even if we are in pain. ⚓
@valJeam, August, 2018

Who uses ⚓️ Anchor emoji?

The anchor has become a popular symbol for all things maritime related, and it was once so popular with naval sailors around the world that it became something of a cliche.

Do you remember the Popeye cartoon character? One of his most prominent features was his anchor tattoo atop his bulging forearm (after eating his spinach, of course). Representing maritime activities of all kinds, the anchor emoji, just like the symbol itself, does double duty to represent something or someone solid, stable, and reliable in life.

#Reserved for Sailors#⚓ Life at Shore after Sea#💪

A post shared by Sailor (@sailors_in) on

When your team is named The Mariners, it of course makes sense to use this emoji! Waiting a few years on the tattoos might be a good idea, however.

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