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👶 Baby emoji

[bey-bee ih-moh-jee]

What does 👶 Baby emoji mean?

Goo goo gaga ... this cute wittle baby emoji signifies all things related to teeny tiny bundles of joy.

The baby emoji means someone is expecting a baby, just had a baby, has a cute baby picture to share, or is up all night caring for the crying little son of a … uh … perfect little angel. It can also be used in place of baby as a term of endearment for your  bae.

Conversely, it is sometimes used as an insult when it signifies someone who is being childish or acting like a baby.

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Where does 👶 Baby emoji come from?


The baby emoji shows a bright yellow baby face staring at you with wide eyes from under a single curl of hair. Samsung and Microsoft where nice enough to give their versions of the baby emoji a pacifier, while on Twitter and Facebook a single tooth indicates this emoji is teething … be prepared for some wailing.


This yellow version was added to the Unicode Consortium in 2010. Five years later, the people and smileys category was updated to reflect the world’s racial diversity. Now the baby emoji now comes in a range of skin tones.

Examples of 👶 Baby emoji

Just like some pampers you on that childish shit 👶
@daddy_dave21, May, 2015
👶It is a BOY!! 👶. Welcoming Colton to the world ❤️ Born: Tuesday September 25 at 1:44pm, 9lbs 7oz
@Kayla_Brooker, September, 2018
Soaps on, red hot bubble bath, fresh jamas for us both wait for our food, cosy night in with my baby 👶Nando’s delivery is life
@HUSTLERbabySJW, September, 2018

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Who uses 👶 Baby emoji?

Predictably, the baby emoji is mostly commonly seen in posts about babies. These posts include pregnancy announcements, pictures of newborn or young children, or announcements of the baby’s sex.

In fact, in 2017 rap artist Nicki Minaj set off a Twitter firestorm when she tweeted a single baby emoji and nothing else. It started intense speculation about what it could possibly mean. Was she pregnant?!?!?!?! She never explained …

When some people say “my baby,” they mean the furry four-legged variety. Pet owners use the baby emoji to show the world their canine companion or feline friend is one of the family.

On Snapchat, however, it has a very specific meaning. It is placed next to a contact to indicate you are new friends.

People in love often call each other baby, so the baby emoji also accompanies Tweets about significant others or people you wish were significant others.

While the most common uses of this emoji are adorable and loving, it has a very different meaning when used as an insult to mean someone is being childish or foolish.

Critics of President Trump use the baby emoji plus the orange emoji as a nickname meant to insult both his skin tone and his behavior.

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