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🈹 Circled Ideograph Congratulation emoji

[sur-kuh ld id-ee-uh-graf kuhn-graj-uh-ley-shuh n ih-moh-jee]

What does ㊗️ Circled Ideograph Congratulations emoji mean?

Depicting a Japanese character for "congratulations," the circled ideograph congratulation emoji conveys celebratory or good wishes and blessings, usually on birthdays and during holidays.

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Where does 🈹 Circled Ideograph Congratulation emoji come from?

Examples of 🈹 Circled Ideograph Congratulation emoji

Ohhhh!!!😭✨/ Congratulations!!!👏🏻🎉㊗️...
@KairiSaneWWE, April, 2018
You can view GIPHY’s entire collection online, and use it across devices for free. Happy World Emoji Day. Or, you know, ㊗️🌎📱☀️.
Emily Gaudette, Inverse, July, 2017
Happy 75th Birthday to Paul McCartney !!!! 🎉㊗️ / Thank you very much for coming to Japan💝/ #HappyBirthdayPaulMcCartney / @PaulMcCartney
@melissa_fab4, June, 2017

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Who uses 🈹 Circled Ideograph Congratulation emoji?

Though written in Japanese, the circled ideograph congratulation emoji is often used for congratulatory and celebratory messages in English contexts, too. Since it generally conveys excitement, goodwill, and thankfulness, the emoji is commonly found in birthday wishes and holiday greetings (e.g., Happy New Year! ㊗️).

Because it often observes a special day or occasion, the circled ideograph congratulation sometimes substitutes for the word happy in the construction Happy X!, (e.g., ㊗️ Halloween!).

The circled ideograph congratulation emoji is occasionally used simply for its bright red color or its Japanese character, regardless of its specific meaning. Users who include the emoji in these situations are aiming for a visual effect, and therefore may not intend “congratulations.”

This emoji also appears on merchandise, especially clothing items.

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