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🖥️ Desktop Computer emoji

[desk-top kuh m-pyoo-ter ih-moh-jee]

What does 🖥 Desktop Computer emoji mean?

Talk nerdy to me—and while you’re at it, throw in the desktop computer emoji. This emoji variously refers to computers and the internet, including hardware, websites, gaming, graphic design, and video editing.

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Where does 🖥️ Desktop Computer emoji come from?

Examples of 🖥️ Desktop Computer emoji

Apple's iMac Pro has arrived, and it’s a love letter to developers #apple #tech #🖥
@techcrunch, Instagram, December, 2017
Anyone want a game on FIFA18 PS4 🎮 🖥 angusgunn01 ➕
@AngusGunn01, May, 2018
Opened and fixed a Logitech mouse all by myself. / Now I feel nostalgic about the days we used to assemble our own computers! / 💻🖥 / ⌨🖱
@abogawat, February, 2017

Who uses 🖥️ Desktop Computer emoji?

In many cases, the desktop computer emoji is used as reference to a generic piece of computer hardware or the internet.

Some people even use the desktop computer emoji for the actual desktop monitor element of their computer setup, especially an older computer that dates back to the Land Before Laptops. We applaud them for their nostalgic precision.

*Sound on* Double tap if you remember when….Happy World Wide Web Day! 🖥

A post shared by Cisco (@cisco) on

Social-media users, bloggers, and forum posters might ask you to visit their websites, then cap it all off with the desktop computer emoji.

Gamers are pretty familiar with the desktop computer emoji as well. It’s often used by gamers themselves to show off a sick gaming setup, often with multiple monitors, or by companies selling such products.

Graphic-design artists working with digital photo, video, and illustration software are quick to use the desktop computer emoji to show off their art in the same way that a painter might use the artist palette emoji or paintbrush emoji. The computer is their medium!

And, if you want to catch a game or show but can’t make it to the venue, just look out for the desktop computer emoji in social-media posts letting you know when to tune in to the livestream.

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