😞 - disappointed face emoji

or disappointed face emoji or sad face emoji

[dis-uh-poin-tid feys ih-moh-jee]

What does 😞 mean?

It's a bit of a bummer, but the disappointed face emoji, 😞, expresses varying degrees of sadness and disappointment.


People use it for everything from when a beloved friend passes away to when they couldn't get tickets to the Beyoncé concert 😞.

Examples of 😞 - disappointed face emoji


Examples of 😞 - disappointed face emoji
It’s almost my birthday ughhh I don’t want it to be my birthday I feel more ruca each year 😞😞😞😞😞
@_erikangel, August, 2018
I need a tutor. / On Maths. 😢😢.. / I'm around Johannesburg. / Help me please 😞😔😔😒.
@Zamalisakazi, August, 2018
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Where does 😞 - disappointed face emoji come from?

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The disappointed face was added to Unicode 6.0 in 2010. On most platforms, it appears as a yellow face frowning with closed eyes and eyebrows furrowed in sadness. It may be confused with the pensive face emoji, 😔, which is very similar but has more expressive eyebrows and a flatter mouth. It might also be mistaken for the slightly frowning face emoji, 🙁, which doesn’t have eyebrows and seems to be saying Eep!

On some platforms, when you type in :(, it will auto-supply the disappointed face emoji. That makes it one of the most commonly used emoji, essentially used as a go-to sad face, as the emoji is indeed sometimes called. The disappointed face emoji is used to add tone and subtext to messages on social media or texts that could otherwise come off as flat or harsh. For example, “there’s nothing I can do 😞” feels much more helpless with the disappointed face emoji.

Who uses 😞 - disappointed face emoji ?

The disappointed face emoji is used in text-messaging and social media to express degrees of sadness and disappointment, from earnest somberness to ironic frustration. It is so expressive that it can be sent on its own to express those feeling without any accompanying message.

The disappointed face emoji can be used to express grief over something very terrible—a death, a medical emergency, or another major life event.

However, the disappointed face emoji can also be used to convey annoyance or dismay for more minor things, like not being able to find your favorite brand of ice cream at a store … or not getting laid.

Whatever the degree, the disappointed face emoji is a go-to emoji for sorrow and let-downs in digital communication.

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