- birthday cake emoji

or emoji cake or Birthday Cake emoji or cake emoji or cake with candles emoji

[Ih-moh-jee keyk]

What does   - birthday cake emoji mean?

The emoji cake is an emoji of a birthday cake, mainly used to mark birthdays and other celebrations in digital communication. It can also refer to actual cakes made in the shape of emoji.

Examples of   - birthday cake emoji


Examples of   - birthday cake emoji
🎁 A very happy birthday to @3gerardpique! 🎂
@FCBarcelona, February, 2018
If you are throwing an emoji party and are looking for a cake to wow the guests, we have found 11 OMG emoji cake ideas that will get the thumbs up from kids of all ages!
Emily Manning, MyKidsTime, February, 2018
I want a cake but I'm on a diet 🎂🐰
@mhkyb7, February, 2018
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Where does   - birthday cake emoji come from?

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Officially called Birthday Cake emoji, the emoji cake is also popularly called the birthday, cake with candles, or simply cake emoji. It was released as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. The appearance of the emoji cake varies widely across platforms. Microsoft and Facebook feature a kind of chocolate cake, while Twitter and Mozilla have styled cakes with pink frosting. Despite the variation, they all have lit birthday candles.

The emoji cake on Apple, Google, and emojidex keyboards all display a sponge cake with white frosting and strawberry toppings, suggesting (to many Westerners) a strawberry shortcake. However, as emoji first originated in Japan, these three emoji designs may be inspired by a special Japanese dessert—and cultural tradition—known as the Christmas cake. The Japanese Christmas cake, enjoyed during secular and commercial celebrations of the holiday, became popular in Japan after World War II, when soldiers handed out sweets (a rare luxury when the country was rebuilding) and Christian missionaries preached their gospel (including customs of Christmas). The cake historically symbolizes a Western-looking desire for wealth and comfort, and the red-and-white icing and round shape calls up the Japanese flag.

An emoji cake can also be a real cake, made and decorated to resemble an emoji as a fun way to mark a celebration.

Who uses   - birthday cake emoji?

The emoji cake is widely used across digital communications to complement expressions of celebration and indulgence, discussions of baking, as well as commentary about health, fitness, and diet.

The emoji cake is very commonly used to recognize or mark someone’s birthday in messages. A SnapChat filter, for instance, automatically inserts the emoji cake into the frame, while Facebook notes a user’s birthday by placing an emoji cake beside their name when they are active online. The emoji cake is often paired with the Balloon, Candle, Party Popper, and Wrapped Gift emojis to further emphasize the celebratory wishes or sentiment.

The emoji cake is similar to but not to be confused with the Shortcake emoji, a slice of strawberry shortcake also used to mark birthdays, other celebrations, or occasions of treating oneself.

As for the edible emoji cake, many websites (and their brick-and-mortar counterparts) offer recipes or party ideas for emoji cakes. Pictures of emoji cakes are popular on social-media platforms like Pinterest. Emoji-inspired baking is sometimes referred to as cakemoji.

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