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⛳ Flag in Hole emoji

[ flag in hohl ih-moh-jee ]

What does ⛳ Flag in Hole emoji mean?

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ depicts a triangular red flag in the hole of a golf green. This flagstick, or pin, identifies a hole, and is commonly used to represent the sport of golf.

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ is often used with the Golfer 🏌️, Woman Golfer 🏌️‍♀️, and Man Golfer 🏌️‍♂️emoji. The usage of these emoji increases significantly during major golf tournaments, especially the yearly Masters Tournament held in the first week of April.

The flag depicted in Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ closely resembles the Red Flag emoji 🚩, also referred to as as the Red Flag emoji, which is commonly used to represent the term red flag, meaning a “danger signal” or “something that provokes an angry or hostile reaction.”

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Where does ⛳ Flag in Hole emoji come from?

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ was approved under Unicode 5.2 in 2009. On most major platforms, the emoji depicts a red triangular flag pointing toward the right attached to a yellow post sticking out of a hole in a golf green. Depending on the platform, the emoji ranges from being depicted somewhat realistically to stylized. The flag is blowing in the breeze in the Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp, and Facebook versions of the emoji. The Microsoft version of the emoji depicts a golf ball resting on the green.

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ can be confused with the similar Triangular Flag emoji 🚩, which has a variety of uses unrelated to golf.

Examples of ⛳ Flag in Hole emoji

Can't wait for the Masters to start 😄⛳ #Masters #Augusta
@ethan_scott95, April 3, 2018
I enjoy golfing.⛳ I do not enjoy getting up early to go golfing.😴
@Justin_Wulf, May 25, 2019

Who uses ⛳ Flag in Hole emoji?

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ is used to refer to golf.

The Flag in Hole emoji ⛳ sees increased usage during major golf tournaments.

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